Ling Ling Yeh studied fashion design at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She followed an internship at Claes Iversen in 2010.

There she learned a lot about finishing garments on different manners and working with gentile, soft fabrics. Ling Ling Yeh loves working

by experimenting. Trying to find new forms that she finds interesting to work with. In doing so, she keeps the female figure in mind.

Keeping the newfound forms interact with the body and vice versa.

She has an eye for detail and pays attention to the material. She gives the material an extra dimension by processing it in a handicraft manner.

In her graduation collection she has hand-dyed the fabrics. The colour and form and how they interact with each other are important aspects

in the collection. The handicraft comes back in old smockingtechniques used in the collection 'Smockfrock'. These techniques were used in the

old way and newfound forms were invented while experimenting. The main goal is to always try to find a new perspective on things.